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Friday, August 1, 2014

Uni-Android Tool V-4.0

Uni-Android Tool V-4.0

Multi Operational Tool for Androids

More Powerful Scripts have been added and All bugs have been fixed
1. Read info-
2. Eneter to fastboot mode
3. Eneter to recovery mode
4. Eneter to download mode
5. wipe data
6. Reboot device
7. Check device on fastboot mode
8. wipe data/cache on fastboot mode
9. check device in normal mode
0. Kill ADB Server
A. Start ADB Server
B. Reset Gmail Account
R. Root
U. Unroot
G. Show registered Gmail in Device
D. Install apk's
W. Wipe data on Fastboot/ Spreadtrum
E. Exit fastboot mode
L. Get Hardware info-
S. Get Software info-
K. Check connection
H. ADB Help
F. Reset face/Gesture Lock

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